What is Recess?  Recess is a three-day, activity-based club experience hosted in neighborhoods, where children age four through fifth grade are invited to explore the Bible. Teams of volunteers lead the children in Bible lessons, praise and worship, snacks, crafts, and games. 

Why have Recess?   The church recognizes this as a great opportunity to be Jesus in neighborhoods – building relationships that can last a lifetime. Recess provides:

  • Missional outreach to your community
  • Opportunity for families to serve with their neighbors
  • Neighborhood children coming together to grow in Christ

What We Provide: Materials developed by our team for the training and execution of Recess clubs free of charge.

  • Curriculum
  • Graphics
  • Sample training
  • Promotional tools
  • Event supply lists

We Ask of You:

  • Use whatever resources are most helpful for your situation
  • Follow the basic format provided (focus on the gospel message)
  • Let us know that you are using the curriculum - form
  • Fill out an evaluation form after the event so we can continue to improve our support - form
Below are various resources provided for churches to use in training and resourcing coordinators, recruiting volunteers, and marketing clubs within neighborhoods. There are more resources specifically available for volunteers provided here.

Training Coordinators and Volunteers:

Coordinator Training is designed to provide specific resources, coaching, examples, and support for those who have stepped up to lead a team who will host a team.  Here is a sample of the content used to train a coordinator. It will need to be adapted to fit each particular situation.

Coordinator Training and Power Point Slides for Training

Training for volunteers is best done by the team coordinator. Coordinators are equipped to do this in the “Coordinator Packet” (see contents under "Resourcing Coordinators"). Below is a link to the online volunteer training resources available for each role. Included in this are short training videos as well as the specific Guidebook curriculum pages needed for each role.

Volunteer Training

Resourcing Coordinators:

In order to resource Recess coordinators, basic supplies may be provided in a kit to host a club of 24 children. The items in the kit include 2 packets, craft supplies, 1 Guidebook, door hangers, church invitations, yard signs, and t-shirts. The list of contents of the kit can be found here..

Here is information on the optional supplies for the kits:

Volunteer Recruitment:

Tools provided for recruiting volunteers within the church to participate in Recess.